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At Olympus Cranes, health safety and the well being of our staff and customers is of the utmost importance. Olympus Cranes customers receive the benefit of an organisation dedicated to a Zero Accident Philosophy and we know what is expected from our customers and what our obligations are to them and we strive to not only meet but to exceed these requirements. The skilled and experienced staff at Olympus Cranes are our major asset and we understand that their safety and wellbeing plus the safety and welling of our customers and the general public are key to the future of our business. The staff at Olympus Cranes are committed to the implementation, support and ongoing maintenance and improvement of our QHSE management system.

Our environmental Policy is part of our commitment to the wider community and we do recognise the importance of environmental protection and sustainability, all our employees understand that they have an obligation to perform their duties in a manner conducive to the safety of themselves, customers, general public and also the environment and to comply to the Environmental Protection Act 1993.

Olympus Cranes has in place a continuous education program as part of our health and safety policy enabling our staff to work in the safest possible manner using the best lifting systems available to them at the same time this encourages our staff into a full understanding and support of "Safety First" as an overall company policy and also allows them to understand and accept responsibility for their duties and further understand that any breakdown of safety is preventable and thus safely performing all duties is of the utmost priority.


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